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Understanding Radio Reception

FM Stereo

FM stereo will give you the best sound. But FM signals will reach only about IE] to 40 miles {to to 65 knit. Tall buildings or hill: can interfere with FM signals. causing the sound to come and go.

.-'t M

The range I'or most AM stations is greater than for FM. especially at night. The longer range. however. can cause stations to interfere with each other. AM can pick up noise from things like storms and power lines. Try.I reducing the treble to reduce this noise if you ever get it.

Tips About Your Audio System

Hearing damage from loud unit-in its almost undetectable until it is too late. Your hearing can adapt it: higher volumes of sound. Sound that seems. normal can he loud. and harmlul to your hearing. Take precautions by adjusting the volume control on your radio to a safe

sou nd level before your hearing adapts to it.

To help avoid hearing loss; or damage: 0 Adjust the volume control to die lowest setting.

0 Increase volume slowly until you hear eomliJrlahly and clearly.


Before you add any sound equipment to your vehicle -- like a tape player, CB radio, mobile telephone or two-way radio -- be sure you can add what you want. If you ean, It's very important to do It properly. Added sound equipment may interfere with the operation of your vehicle‘s engine1 Deleo radio or other systems, and even damage them. Your vehicle's systems may interfere with the operation of son at! equipment that has been added improperly.

So. before adding sound equipment. check with your dealer and be sure to cbeclt Federal rule-t marveling nth-ile radio and telephone units.


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