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RECALL: Press this button briefly to recall the station being played or the clock display. To change what is normally shown on the display 1’ station or time}. press the button until you see the display you want. then hold the button until the display flashes. If you press 1111: button when the ignition is off. the clock will show for a few seconds.

Finding a Station

AM-FM: Press this button to select AM, FM] or FME. The display shows your selection.

TUNE: Press the up or down arrow to choose radio stations.

SEEK: Press the up or down arrows to go to the next higher or lower station. The sound will be muted while seeking.

SCAN: Press one at the SEEK arrows for two seconds and SCAN will appear on the display. Use SCAN to listen to stations for a few seconds. The radio will go to a station. stop fora few seconds. then go onto the next station. Press one of the SEEK arrows again to stop scanning. The sound will be routed while scanning.

PUSHBU‘I‘TCINS: The six numbered pushbuttons let you return to your favorite stations. You can set up to Iii stations [sis AM. sis PM] and six Flvli‘tt.

l. Press Mel—FM to select the band. . Find the station you want by using TUNE or SEEK.

2 3. Press TUNE to select the setting you prefer.

4. Press and hold one of the six numbered buttons. 5

. The sound will mute. When it returns. release the button. Whenever you press that numbered bu tton+ the station you set will return and the TUNE you selected will be automatically selected for that button.

P SCAN: Press this button to listen to each of your preset stations for a Few seconds. The radio will go to the first preset station. stop for a few seconds, then go on to the neat preset station. Press P SCAN again to stop scanning. if a preset station has weak reception. the radio will not stop at the preset station.

AUTO PRESET: Press this button and the system will seek and set the t2 strongest PM or the 6 strongest AM stations on your preset buttons. To retum to the stations you manually set, press AUTD PRES-ET again.


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