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@ Section 1 Seats and Restraint Systems

Here you‘ll find infomation about The goals in your Buick and how to use your safety halls pmporly. You can alto learn about some things you should. not do with airbags and safety belts,

Seats and Seat Controls

This traction tells you about the goals —— how to adjust thorn. and also about roolioing front soatbooks. raising and lowefing wagon roar Seals. and head restraints.

Manual Seat

Move the lever under the front seat to unlock iL Slide tho seal to when: you want . " it.Then release :hnlovnr

.' and try to mow. the tent with your body. to make sure lhe seat is lockod " into place.

You can lose oontrol of the vehicle if you try to adjust a manual drhrer‘a soot whih: the vehicle is

moving. The madden movement could start]: and confuse you, or tank: you push I. pedal when you don't want to. Adjust the driver‘s seat only when the. which: is not moving.

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