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DE] (6.]: Pro-is this button to reduce background noiso. The double-El symbol will appear (in the difiplay.

Dolby Noise Reduction is manufactured under a lioonso from Dolby Laboratori o5 Liocnsing Corporation. Dolby and the doubie-D Symbol are trademarks of Dolby Lahoratorioa Licensing Corporation.

(AM-FM: P‘ness this button to play the radio whim .i'i tape is in the player.

SOURCE: was oils button to change In the tape Function when the radio is on. TAPE with an arrow will app-ear on the display when the tape is aotivo.

EJECT: Premi- Ihis button to l'L'l'l10‘I'II! the tape. The radio will play.

CLN: Thin message may appear on the dilaplay. if it does. your cassette tape player needs to be cleaned. It will still play tapes. but you should clean it as sn-tm BIS possible to prove m damage to your tapes and player. Hoe “Care of Your Cassette Tape Pluyor” in the Index. After you clean the playor. press. and hold FJECT for five seconds: to reset the ELN indicator. The radio will display --- to Show tho indicator was: reset,

AM-FM Stereo with Cassette Tape and Compact Dis: Players and Automalic Tone Control [Option]

Playing the Radio

VflLUME: Press: this hnoh to turn the hystem on and off. Turn it clockwise to increase me whim; Turn it counterCImkwi'se to decrease the yolumo.

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