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AM-FM Stereo with Cassette Tape Player and Automatic Tone Control [Option]

Pissing the Radio

VtiLLlME: Press this knob to turn the system on and off. Turn it Cinckwixt: to inoroam: Lht‘: volume. Turn it countercloc kwiso In decrease lht: volume.

RECALL: Press this button hl'llL'flj‘ Io focal] the station being playod or the oiocit display. To change what is noonatly shown on tho display [station or time}. press this button until you see the display you want. then hold the button until the display flashes. [f you ptoss Ihe button when the ignition is off. the clock will show for a few seconds.

Finding a Station

AM-FM: Press this button to select AM. PML or FM’E. 'l‘hr: tlispls},r shows your selection.

TUNE: Press the up or down arrow to choose radio stations.

SEEK: Press the up or down arrows to go to lhi.‘ nit-st highcr or Iowcr station. The sound will be routed while seeking.

SCAN: Press one of the SEEK arrows for two seconds and SCAN will appear or! the display. List: SCAN to iisten to stations For a few seconds. The radio will go: to a station, stop for a few seconds. then go on to the nest station. Press one of tho SEEK buttons a gain to stop scanning. The sound will he muted whiio scanning.

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