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[f you went to insert a tape when the ignition or radio is off. first press EIECT or RECALL. Note that the ossserte tape adapter kits for portable compact disc players may not work in your cassette player. These adapters can sense an error message on the display, and lite adapler cassette could be ejected.

Your tape bias is set automatically.

SEEK: Press the forward or back wand arrow to search for the next or previous selection on the tape. Your tape must have at least three seconds of silence between each selection for SEEK to work. The sound will be muted while seeking.

41 {3}: Press this button to reverse the tape rapidly. Press it again to return to playing SPCfli The radio will play while the tape reverses.

H [4): Press this button to advance quickly to another part of the tape. Press the button again to return to playing speed. The radio will play while the tape advances.

SIDE (5}: Prcss this button to change the side of the tape that is playing.

DU {ii}: PRES this button to reduce background noise. The dispIay will show either OFF or UN for a few seconds when you press the button.

thlnllz‘I-yIE Noise Reduction is manufactured under a license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation, Dolby and the clou ole-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

EJECTt Press Ihis button to remove the tape. The radio will play.

CLN: This message may appear on the display. If it does. your cassette tape player needs to be cleaned. It will still play rapes. but you should clean it as soon as possible to prevent damage to your tapes and player. See “Care of Your Cassette Tape Player" in the Index. After you clean the playerI press and hold El ECT For five seconds to reset the CLN indicator. The radio will display --- it: show The indicator was reset.

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