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AM—FM Stereo with Cassette Tape Player

Playing the Radio

VOLUME: Turn mis knob In turn the system tin and off. Turn it clockwise to inerease the vnlurne. Turn it on unlereloeltwisc to dee tease [he volume.

RECALL: Press the upper knob briefly to recall the station bemg played or d1: elnek display. Tn eha nge what is normally shown on the displznr {Station or time}. press the knob until you see the display you want. then hold lhe knob until the display Flashes. Iiytiu press the knob when the ignition is tiff. the clock will fil'Ifl-W for a few seconds.

Finding a Station

AM-FM: Press Ihe lower knob to select AM. FMI or FMZ. The Lijfipliijf shuns-s your selection.

’I‘llNE: Turn the lower ltn oh to choose radio stations.

SEEK: Press the fo [ward or backward arrow to go to Ihe next higher or lower station. The sound will be muted while seeking.

SCAN: Press one of the SEEK snows t'ortwo seconds and SCAN will appear on. the display. Use SCAN in listen L0 staLluns fur a few seconds. The raditi wi]l gr: to a slnlion. strip for a few seconds. then gn Lin 1:: the nest station. Press one of the SEEK arrows again to strip scanning. The snund will he muted while scanning.

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