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Ventilation System

adjust the direction of airflow by moving the louutn'cd venue.

Fresh air from outside your vehicle flows through your Buick when the vehicle is moving. When the vehicle is not moving, you can get outside air to flow through by selecting any air ehoiee. except the rear window del‘ogger [and any fan speed it you have the manual climate control system).


For mild outside lcrnperelurci-t, when little heating or cooling is needed. press the AFC button on the manual system to deactivate the air conditioner. RECIRC, DEFOG and DEFRDST must also be off. Air will flow though the heater outlets. Adjust the temperature control lever to a comfortable lEit'L‘i.

The automatic system will reeirculote the air inside the 1:ehicle for maximum nir eonditioni rig performance if the inside of the tteiiiele is hot. The automatic system will relurn to circulating outside air once the vehicle interior has cooled down.

Defogging and Heft-outing

fl? Durant-t1": This setting directs the airflow to the defrtmt outlet and some to the heater outlet. Use defrost when you went to remove fog or ice from the windshield. Fan speed will be controlled automatically. or you can choose another speed by meeting the FAN button.

DEFOG: This setting, directs the airflow to the defrost outlet to keep the windshield clear and to the heater outlet for passenger comfort.

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