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From the AUTO mode, pressing the temperature to 90°F {33°C} will automatically allow the sy stem to select the high the speed and FLOUR mode.

From the AUTO mode. pressin g the temperature to 60° F {16°C} will automatically allow the system to select the high fan speed and MIDDLE mode In

rcoircuiate air.

AUTO: When the system is set for automatic, air will come from. the heater outlets. the upper outlets or both. Fan speed will vary {unless an arrow on the FAN button has harm pressed} as the system gets to and maintains the temperature setting you have selecued.

The selected temperature. the fan speed and AUTO will appear on the display.

In cold creamer. the system will delay turning on the fan to avoid blowing cold air. The length of the delay depends on engine coolant temperature, outside temperature and time since the engine was last started. Pressing an arrow on the FAN button will override this delay and turn on. the fan.

MIDDLE: Pressing has button directs the air through the upper outlets.

BLEND: This setfing dimcts the airflow to the upper outlets and the heater outlets.

FLOOR: Pressing this rattling directs all airflow to the heater outlets.

VENT: Use this setting when you don‘t want to cool the air coming into your vehicle. The airflow will eome from the upper outlets.

OFF: When the system is off, the ventilation allows air to flow through the heater outlets while the vehicle is moving.

The exterior temperature will show in the display area.

Fan Speeds

The speed of the fan is controlled automatically if you have the far: on AUTO. However. you can control the fan speed with the FAN button.

The fan speed will go lower or higher with every press of the button until the lowest or highest speed is reached


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