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Air Conditioning

[in very hfll days. open the windows long enough to let hot inside air escape. This reduces the amount of work your air conditioner’s compressor will have, l0 do, which shouid help fee! economy. Press AFC to turn. on the

air conditioning.

RECIRC: This setting provides maximum cooling by recirculating the air inside your vehicle. The uirl'low comes from the upper outlets.

MIDDLE: Pressing this button directs the air tinting)“- the upper outlets.

BLEND: This settling.r directs the airi‘] ow to the upper outlets and the heater outicm.

FLOOR: Pressing this button directs all the airflow tn the heater outlets.

Electronic Climate Control (Option)

:' "Int: :.I,mli_'.

System Controls

TEMP: To choose the temperature you want maintained inside the vehicle. use this button.

Pressing The TEMP button only onee mm the exterior temperature displayed will not change the act temperature.

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