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@ Section 3 Comfort Controls and Audio Systems

In this seedon you'll find out how to operate Ihe comfort control and audio S'fl-ittzl'flfi offered with your Buick. Be sure to read about the panieutar HyHLcmh' supplied with your vehicle.

Comfort Controls

With Ihifi system. you can control the heating air conditioning and ventilation in your Chevmtet. Your vehicle. also has rt flow-through ventilation system described later in this section.

Standard Climate Controi System

Fun (‘ttrttrol

The inn ettnLt'n] xeieete. the force of air you want.31idt! the lever to the right to inereew'e fan speed and slide the lever to the left to decrease fan speed.

'l‘empe nature Control

Slide the temperature control between C001. and WARM to ehan gt: the temperature or" me air coming through your air outlets.


When outside temperatures are cold. sliding the temperature control to WARM will send heated air utrou git the heater outlet; and some throuigh the defrost outlet.

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