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Fuel Gage Lew Fuel Light

‘t’uur t'uel gage shows how This light eurnes an briefly much fuel is in your timk. It as a bulb check when you works only when the engine start your engine. If this

it; hn. When the indicalor light comes an and Stages nears EMPTY {EL yuu still LOW on. you shuuid get more have a Little the] tel't. Yuu FUEL fuel soon.

need in get more right away.

The following Situatiutls an: nurmal and lit: nnt indicate a fuel gage malfunction.

I At the gas station. the gas pump shuts nt'f before 1112 gage reads FULL { F }.

I It takes more [Ur less} gm: tn fill up than the gage indicated, Fnr example. the gage may have indicated half full. but it ten}; more -- ur lee. —- than hall' of the tank‘s capacity to Hit it.

I The gage may move when you turn a corner. speed up {It strip ynur vehicle.

I When you turn Iht: engine off, the gage doesn't gt: all the way back In EMPTY tE}.

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