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Change Di] Indicator

The CHANGE GIL light should come on briefly as a hulh check when you start the engine. If the Eight deesn*t come on+ have it serviced.


If the CHANGE GEL. light comes on and stays en

for 2G seconds after you start the engine. have the oil changed. The light may indicate to Change the oil sooner than suggested in you: mad ntenanee schedule. depending on your driving patterns. The Eight is activated by the Engine {Jii Life Monitor System which determines the condition of the nil but doesn't sense heavy dust in

the air or check the oil levet. Therefore. you should change your oi! at the intervais recommended in your


maintenance schedule or when the CHANGE OIL 1i ght comes on, whichever comes first. See "Engine Dii" in the Index.

After changing the engine oil, the system must be reset. With Ihe ignition key in lhc RUN position hut the engine eff. full]; push and release the accelerator pedal three times within five seconds. If the CHANGE DIL light flashes two Times. Lite System is reset. However,il't]1e tight comes on and stays on for five seconds. it did not reset. You'lt need to reset the sysmn again.

Cruise (Iontml Light

This light contest on when you set cruise control.


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