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Have you recently changed brands of fuel?

If so, he sure to fuel your vehicle with quality,r fuel {see “Fuel" to the Index}. Poor fuel qualin will cause your engine not to run as efficientlyI as designed. You may notice this as smiling nfier start-up. stalling when you put the vehicle into ‘s_!,ear+ misfu‘ing. hesitation on acceleration or stumbling on aoeeieration. EThese conditions may go away once the engine is warmed up.) This will be detected by the system and cause the light to turn on.

11' you experience this condition change the fuel brand you use. It will require at least one full tank of the proper fuel In turn the light off.

if none of the shoe: steps have much: the light turn off, have your dealer or qualified service center check the vehicle. Your dealer has the proper test equipment and

diagnostic tools to fix any mechanical or electrical problems that may have developed.

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Engine Oil Pressure Light

This light tells you if there could be a problem with

your engine oil pressure.

OIL “ii/’7‘:

There are three times this light can come on briefly. which is normal and doesn’t show a problem. 'l"heg..I are:

0 The light comes on when you turn your key to RUN or START. That's just a check to he sure the light works. If this light. doesn't come on. he sure to have it fixed so it will be there to warn you if something goes wrong.

I if you're idling at a stop sign. the light may hJink on and then off.

I [f you make a hard stop, the light may come on for a moment.

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