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This system is called OED l'l {Uanoard Diagnostics-Second Generatinnj and is intended

to assure that emissions are at acceptable levels for

the life of the vehicle. helping to produce it cleaner environment. [In Canada, UBD II is replaced by Enhanced Diagnosticsi The SERVICE ENGINE SOON light comes on to indicate that mere is a problem and service is required. Malfunctions often will be indicated by the sy stem helbre any problem is apparent. which may prevent more serious damage to your vehicle. This system is also designed to assist your service technician in comedy diagnosing any malfunction.

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If you keep driving your vehicle with this light on, after a while, your emission controls may not

work as well, your fuel economy may not he as good and your engine may not run as smoothly. This could lead to costly repairs that may not he covered by your warranty.

This light should come on. as a check to show you it is working. when the ignition is on and the engine is not running. If the light doesn't come on. have it repaired. This light will also come on during a malfunction in one of two ways:

I Light Flashing -- A rnistire condition has been dcteettn'i. A mislire inorenses vehicle emissions and may damage the emission control system on your vehicle. Dealer or qualified service center diagnosis and service is required.

I Light On Stead -— An emission control system malfunction has been detected on your vehicle. Denier 01' qualified service center diagnosis and sentice may he required.

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