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Engine Coolant Temperature

Warning Light

This light comet-a on as a bulb check when you start your engine. This light tells you that your engine

A. A coolant has onerheated.



[1' you have been operating your 1I.'e:l'1iele under normal driving conditions. you should pull off the road. stop

yuu: vehicle and mm the engine off an 5mm :15. possible.

In “Ptohlems on the Roadf' this manual shows you what to do. See "Engine Overheating" in the Index.

Engine Coolant Temperature Gage

This gage ehown the engine coolant lemperann'e. If the gage pointer moves into the red area your engine it: too hot]

That reading means the same thing as the warning lighL It means that your engine coolant has overheated. If you have been operating your vehicle under 11tiil'l'l'u1l driving conditions, you should pull ol‘f the mad, stop your vehicle and turn off the engine as. soon as possible. See “Engine Overheating" in the Index.


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