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Anti-Lock Brake System Wanting Light

With the anti -lnek brake

system. Ihis light will come en when you start ANTI - LOCK

your engine and may stay tin for several seconds. That's normal.

If the light stays on. turn the ignition off. (it. if The light Comes on when you're driving, stop as suon as possible and turn the ignition off. Then start the engine again to reset the system. if the light still stays on. or comes on again while you‘re driving, your Buick needs sentice, if the regular brake system warning light isn't on. you still have brakes. but you don‘t have anti-lock brakes. If the regular brake system warning light is also on. you don’t have anti-leek brakes and there’s a problem will: your reigulnr brakes. See “Brake System Warning Light" earlier in this part.

The anti-leek brslte system warning light should come on briefly when you turn the i ignition key to RUN. if the light doesn't come on then, have it fixed so it will be ready to warn you if there is a problem.

The anti—leek brake system warning light may also some on when you are driving with aeompact spare tire. If this happens. the light means you won't have anti-lock until you repiaee the compact spare with a

full usize Lire. If the warning light stays on after you replace the compact spare with a full—size Lire. n: if it comes on again when you 're driving. your Buick needs service.


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