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Speedometer and Odometer

Your speedometer lets you see your speed in both miles per hour {mph} and kilometers per hour {mm}. Your odometer shows how far your vehicle has been driven. in either miles {used in the United Slates] or kilomters

{used in Ca node].

Your Buick has a tempelvresistanl odometer. if you can see very noticeable bright silver lines between the numbers. mmeone has probably Lried lo turn it back.

The numbers may not be accurate.

You ma)r wonder when happens if a vehicle has to have a new odometer installed. The new one should be 5e: to [he some reading as the old one. [fthat is not poesible. 'tl'len in: set 31 new. and a label on the driver's door mu st Show the old reading and when I11: new oru: was installed.

Trip l[Mollleter

A trip odometer can tell you how.I may miles you have driven since you last set it to zero. To reset it.

press the button.

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