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Ashtrays and Cigarette Lighter The cigarette lightar is near the from center ashtray. Tu use the liglllcr, push it in all U11: way and |I.:L 3:). thn

The from EEJ'ITEH' ashtrayr may be lifted nul fur cleaning. it'r. readv it will pop trick by itself

Tm: rtaJ‘ ashlrays an: Jmatcd on the dam arm rests.

Lift the. cm-‘ur and pull up an a rear ashtray tn remnve il‘ fur meaning. NOTICE: NOTICE:

Don’t put papers or nther flammable things

[I you hold a cigarette lighter in with your hand

while it is heating. it wnn‘t be able tn back awagyr I‘mm Ihe heating Element when it's ready. That can make it m'erheat, damaging the lighter and the heating element.

into your ashtrays. Hat cigarettes or other smoking materials could ignite them. causing a damning fire.


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