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Luggage Carrier tflption}

lfJ-‘DLI try to can“).' something on top of your vehicle that is longer or wider than the luggage carrier -- like paneling, plywood, a mattress. and so forth -- the Wind can catch it as you drive

along. This can cause you to lose comm]. 1What you are carrying could he violently torn off. and this could came you or other drivers to have a collision, and of course damage your vehicle. You may be able to carry something like this inside. But, never carry something longer or wider than your luggage carrier on top offour vehicle.


You have a luggage can-j er and can load things on top of your vehicle. The luggage Carrier has slats and side ruiis attached to the roof. siiding cross mils and places to use for tying things down. These let you load some things on top of your vehicle, st} long as they an: nut wider or longer than Lhe higgage can'ier.

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