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A green snow on the instrument panel will Ilaah in the direction of lhe turn 01' lane change.

To signal a lane change. just raise or lower The lever until [he arrow starts to flash. Hold it Ihere until yea complete year lane change. The lever will return by itself when you release il.

As yea signal a turn or a lane change-f if [he arrows dan'l flash but just stay 011.5. signal bulb may be binned out and Dlhfil' drivers won't see your turn signal.

If a bulb is burned out. replace it to help avoid an accident. lfthe armws don‘t go on at all when you signal a turn, check the fuse and. check for blamed—nut blues. See "Fuses and. Circuit Breakers” in the Index.

Turn Signal Reminder

If your turn signal is left on far more than 3E4 of a mile. a chime will sound. To turn off the chime, move me turn signal lever to [be off position.

Headlamp HighfLaw Beam

To change the headlamps from low beam to high at high In low. pull the rum signal lever [award you.

Then release it. Wl'ien the high beams are an. th5 light

on me instrument panel will also be an.

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