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[tun hednngermtngetoulofyuur vehleicil' the shfltlever'unutfilllvinPARK (1") within parking brake firmly set. Your vehicle can mll. Don’t [cave yuur vehicle when the engine it

running unless-you have to. ”you’ve left the engine running. the vehicle can we suddenly. Ywarnthmwuldhehtjuroi'l‘uhesmym vehicle wun’t move. even when you’re an {airly level gmuml, always'set yum parking brake and mint: the shift lever to PARK {P}.

Follow the grape: steps to be sure your I.rehjcle won’t me. SE: “Shifting 111m PARK. [PT in [he Mex.

Evan are parking on a hill and ifyeu're pulling a trailecrmiso MW aTraileI" inthe Index.

'W‘mdows ' Putter Windows

Switches on the driver's armrest central each of the windows while the ignition is on or retained awessnrry power is active. In addin‘nn. the passenger door amtrest has a switch for its awn window.

To lcwer the passenger window, pull back on the right switch. The window will lower as lung as the switch is heli To raise either win-claw, push the switch forward.


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