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LDCK {B}: This is the only position in which you can remove the key. This position locks your ignition1 steering wheel and moxie. It‘s a d1efl~rletement feature.

«OFF {C}: This position lets you turn off the engine but still turn the steering wheel. It doesn’t look the steering wheel like IDCK and it doesn't send en},r electrical power to The accessories. Use OFF if you must have your vehicle in motion while the engine is not running.

RUN (D): This is an on poeit—zion thel the switch returns to after you start your engine and release the switch. This is the ptniition for driving. Even when the engine is not ruining, you can use RUN to operate your electrical power accessories and to display some instrument panel warning lights.

START {E}: This position souls your engine. “men the engine starts. release the key. The ignition switch will return to RUN for normal driving.


[1' your key seems stud-t in LOCK and you can't turn it, he sure it is all Ihe way in.1l'itis, then turn the steering wheel left and right while you turn the key hard. But turn the key trill}r with your hand. Using a tool to force It could break the key or the ignition swlltfll. If none of this works. lheu your vehicle needs sersioe.

Retained Accessory Power

Aflet you turn your ignition to OFF and remove the key. for about ill minutes. you 1will have electrical power to such aowcssories as the radio. power whiclows and astroa'oof {if equipped). If you open a doon the retained accessory power is shutoff.

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