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The ignition key is for When a nee.I Riviera is deljvened1 the dealer removes the

the ignition c.1113 pings Erom the keys, and gives them to the first owner. However. if the ignition key does not. have a plug1 there may be a bar-coded key tag instead.

Each ptug or her-coded key tag has ti code on it that tells your dealer or a qualified Ioekemith how to make exua keys. Keep the legs or plugs in a safe place. If you lose your keys. you‘ll be able to have new ones made easily using theme tags or plugs. It you: ignition keys don’t have tags or plugs. go to your Buick dealer for the correct key code if you need a new ignition key.

The door key is for the doors and all other looks. NOTICE:

Your Buick has a number of features that can help prevent theft. But you can have a lot of

trouble getting into your vehicle It‘ you ever lock your keys inside. You may even have to damage your vehicle to get in. So be sure you have extra keys.

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