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A child in a child restraint in the center fmnt seat can he badly injured by the right front pmenger air bag if it inflates. Never secure a child mlraint

in the center hunt seat. It’s always better in

.seutleachiidrestraintinfltereurseshYoumay, bowel-fer. secure a forward-facing child restraint in the right front passenger seat, but only with the seat moved all the way back.

Wherever you install it. be sure to secure the child restraint properly. Keep in mind that an maectu‘ed child restraint can more

around in a collision or sudden stop and injure people in the vehicle. Be sure to properlyr secure any child restraint in your vehicle -- even when no child is in it.

Tb]: Strap

if your child restraint has a top strap. it should he mehorei if you need to have an anchor installed you can ask your Buick dealer to put it in for you. If you want to install an anchor yourself. your dealer can tell you honer to do it.

For cars first sold in Canada, child restraints with a top strap must be anchored aocotding to Canadian law.


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