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Lap-Shoulder Belt

The positions next In the windows have Iap—shuuldm‘ hens. Here’s how u:- wear lane properly.

If the belt stops before i1 mach-33 the, buckle, tilt the latch plate andketppulfing unfit yuucan buckle it.

Pull Up an the latch plate to make sum it is SEE-CHIC,

1. Pick up Ihe latch plate and pull [In belt m5 you. If Ihe belt is not long enoggh, fl.“ “Safety Belt Don‘t let it gel twisted. Extend-fl” at file and of fins section. Make sun: 1h: _ _ , . release bum-n on 1hr: 1:111:li: in paailiuned so you 2' Push ”"3 15““ PM "30 ”1“ “mm“ “11“] 1‘ “1105- Would be am: In unbuckje um safely belt quickly if you ever had to.

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