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with your vehicle can be handled by your selling or servicing dealer. Your dealer has the facility. trained technicians. special tools and up-tn-date information to pmrnptly address any issue which may arise. Buick has empowered its dealers to make decisicms and repair vehicles, and they are eager to resolve your concern to your complicit: satisfaction. If your concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction. talus the following steps:

STEP ONE n Discuss your concern 1a'ith a member

of dealer management. Normally. concerns can be quickly resolved at that level. If the matter has already been reviewed with the Sales. Service. or Parts Manager: contact the owner of the dealership or the General Manager.

STEP TWD If after contacting a member of dealership management, it appears your concern camtnt be resolved by the dealership ‘i'r'l'LiJDlJt limiter halo, contact the Buick Customer Assistance Center by calling FEW—52] 53390. In Canada1 contact GM of Canada Customer Assistance Center in Oshawa by calling, l-flflOQfifi-B??? (English) or 1—800—263~7854 tFrench‘].


For help outside of the United States and Canada. call the following numbers as appropriate:

II In Mexico: (525] 525-3156

I In Puerto Rico: l-EDflu496-9992 (English) or LEGO-4969993 (Spanish)

I In the US. Virgin Islands: 1—300496-99'94

o In the Dominican Republic: 1-300-451—4135 [English] or [soccer-413:5 {Spanish}

i Inthe Bahamas: l-Sflfl-fiEQ—Dfll‘i

O In Bermuda, Barbados. Antigua and the British Virgin Islands: ldEm-SflKl-fllfl

It In all other Canbbean cetmtn'cs: 1-309-163-1315

I In other overseas locations. call GM North American Export Sales in Canada at 1—905 4544—4] 1 2

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