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3. Try to start the engine in each gear. The starter should work only in PARK (Pl or NEUTRAL (N). If

the starter works in any other position. your vehicle needs service.

Brnke-Ti-nneaxle Shlfl Interlock (BT51) Cheek {Automatic TI'HIISEIJB]

When you are doing this check. the vehicle could move suddenly. If it tines. you or others could be injured. Fnuew the steps below.

1. Before you start. he sure you have enough more around the vehicle. It should be parked on a level Stefano.

2. Firmly apply the parking bake {see “Parking Brake" in the Index if necessary};

NOTE: Be ready to apply the regular brake immediately if the vehicle begins to move.

3. With the engine off. him the key to the RUN position. but don’t start the engine. Without applying the regular brake. try to move the shift lever out of PARK {P} with nonnol efion'. It" the shift lever moves out of PARK {P}, your vehicle's BT31 needs service.

Steering Column Lock Cheek

While parked, and with the parking brake set. by to turn the key to LUCK in eeeh shift lever position.

I The key should turn to LUCK only when the shift lever is in PARK {F}.

I The key should come out only in LOCK.

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