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I...I.m§.: Trip-'"Hialw. ay \"laintem'mt-c Heliar‘lule

30,000 Miles {50 000 km)

I] Change engine oil and filter [or every El Inspect fuel tank, cap and lines for damage 'I 2 months, whichever occurs first). or leaks. mac-eel fuel cap gasket for any An Emission Conmtsem‘ce. damage. Replace parts as needed.

[I Lubricate the suapensiun and steering A" EM‘E‘IO" 50"” 91 Semfle- T linkage, transaxle shift linkage, parking |:| Fer supercharged engines only: Check the brake cable guides and the underbody supercharger all level and add oil as needed contact points and linkage (er ever}r [or every 36 months. whichever occurs 12 months. whichever occurs first). first). See “Recommended Fluids and

Cl Replace air cleaner filter. Ar: Emtrstcs Cancel Lubricants" i" this SWfifln- A" Emi-“W‘ Service. COMM! Service. T

ACTUAL MILEAGE senvtcen Irv:

7-2.8 :

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