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The left low-beam headlamp access axes is behind and 4. Remove the filter. between the high beam area and the air cleaner.

5. Slide the air cleaner assemva toward the engine to disengage and remove it.

To reinstall tlte air cleaner assembly, slide the base sections into their former positions. Install the filter and replace the coveI.Reattacl1 lb: electrical sunbeam! and air duct. and tighten the clamp.

Turn the bulb socket one—quarter turn toward the center of the engine eompm'tment, while pressing it finely.

Remove the wine connector {tom the bulb by lifting the lock tab and pulling it away from the plastic base.

Ii more hand clearance is required1 retrieve the air cleaner assemny as follows:

I. Remove the air duct clamp and separate the duct To reassemble. attach the wire connector {A} to the [mm the air cleaner cover. plastic base making sure the lock tab {B} is ever the . incl: {C}. Install the bulb by putting the small tab (D) 2' 2711:3221“? “I Clea-”er “0"” and “em ““3 into the small notch in the Imp (s). Tum the bulb onnector. socket one-quarter rum making sure the tab is steepest}.r 3. Tilt and pull the Cover towaId the engine [a engaged in the panel slot.

disengage it from the assembly.


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