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Remn ve the air cleaner assembly as fellows:

1. Remove the air duct clamp and eepamte the duel frnrrn. the air cleaner cover.

2. Remove the air cleaner cover and detach the electrical ennneetem

3. Tilt and pull the cover toward the engine to disengage it from Lin: nesemhiy.

4. Remove the eld filter and install the new me.

To reinstall tlte air cleaner assembly, slide the base sections inte their former pesitiena. and replace the filter cover. Reattanh the eteeu-ieai Demeter and air duct, and

tighten the clamp.

Refer It} the Maintenance Schedule to detennine when to mplatne the air filter.

See "Scheduled Maintenance Services" in the index.

Operating the engine with [he air cleaner nfl' can cause yen er others to he burned. The air cleaner not only cleans the air, it stops flames it' the engine backfire-s. If it Isn‘t there, and the engine haekfires, you onuld be burned. Dnn'l drive with it off, and he earefill wnrl‘tlng en the engine with the air cleaner nfl’.


If the air cleaner is on: a heel: fire can cause a damaging engine fire. And, dirt can easilyr get him your engine. which will damage it. Always have the air cleaner in place when ynu’re driving.


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