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Some Cmdian gasolines contain an octane animating additive oallod tnetl'tiyoyelopentadienyi manganese u'iearbonyl (Ivl'M‘T'l. If such fuels are used. your emission control system perfomanee may be affected. The malfunction indicator lamp on your instrument panel may turn on. Ifti'tis occurs. return to your authorized Buick dealer for service.

To provide cleaner air, all gasolines are now required to eontain additives that will heip prevent deposits from forming in your engine and fuel system. allowing your emission control system to function properly. Therefore you should not have to add anything to the fuel. In addition, gasolines containing oxygenates, such as others and ethanol, and. reformulated gasolines may be available in ywr-arsa to help clean the air. General Motors recommends that you use these gasolines ifthey comply with the specifications described earlier.


Your vehicle was not designed for fuel that contains methanol. Don‘t use it. It can corrode

metal parts in your fuel system and also damage plastic and rubber parts. That damage wouldn‘t he covered under your warranty.


Fuels in Foreign Countries

If you plan on driving in another country outside the United States or Canada, the proper fuel may be hard to find. Never use leaded gasoline or any other fuel not recommended in the previous text on fuel; Costly repairs caused by use of improper fuel wouldn't be covered by

your WaITurI-ly. To cheek on fuel availability. ask an auto club, or

- contact a major oil oompany that does business in the

country where you‘ll be driving.

You can also write us at the following address for adviee. Just tell us where you're going and give your Vehicle Identification Number {VIN}.

General Motors Overseas Distribution Corporation North American Export Sales (NAPS)

1903 Colonel Barn Drive

Oshawa, Ontario Lll—l HP?

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