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Hostr to Wear Safety Belts Properly

Adults This part is only for people of adult size.

Be aware that there are special things to htosv about safety beleandchfldrenAndflsereaJ-edifi‘etetnrtfles for stunner children and babies. If a child will be riding in ywr Buick. see the part of this manual called ‘Uiildrea" Followsr those rules for everyone’s protection.

first. you‘ll want no know which restraint systems your vehicle has.

We’ll start with the driver position,

Driver Position This part describes the driver‘s restraint system,

Lap-Shoulder Belt

The driver has a lap-shoulder belt. The shoulder portion of the belt has an energy management loop. It is designed to open and help protect you in Certain crashes. If it opens. you will see a label on the safety belt that says to replace the belt. Be sure to do so. If you don't1 the safety belt won‘t Work properly and won‘t protect you in another mash. For more information on replacing safety belts after a crash. see ”Replacing Safety Belts" in the lodex.

Here's how to wear the lap—shoulder belt properly. I. Close and lock the door.

2. Adjust the seal {to see nova1 see "Seats" in the Index] so you can sit up straight.

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