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If No Steam Is Coming From You: Engine

if you get the nverheal warning but see or hear no stem. the problem may not be too serious. Someiimes the engine can get a iinle ton hol when you:

I Climb a long hill on 3 I101 (lily. 0 Stop after high-speed driving. 0 [die for long periods in waffle. I Tow a miller.

Ifyou get the overheat waning wiih no sign of steam. tr}.I this for a minute or so:

1. "film off your air conditioner.

2. Thm on you: healer to full hot at the highest fan speed and open the window as necessary.

3. If you're in a traffic jam. shifito NEUTRAL EN): otherwise. shift to the highest gee: while driving - ALH‘OMA’J‘IC OVERDRIVE {05)} or THJRD {3}.


Ifyou no longer have the overheat warning. you can drive. Just to be safe. drive slower for about LU minutes. If the warning doesn't mine bani: on. you can

drive normally.

If the warning continues. pull over. stop and park your vehicle right away.

if there’s still no sign of steam, you can idle 1112 engine for two or three minutes while you're parked. to see il'the waming stops. But then, if you still have the

wm‘ning. turn qfi'me engine and get flflfl'flflf out of the vehicle until it cools down.

You may decide not to lift [he hand but in get service help right away.

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