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Power Antenna Mast Care

Your pnwer antenna. Iwill Inn-k its heat and work well if

it’s cleaned from time to time. To clean the antenna meat:

I. Turn an the ignitinn and radin In raise me antenna.

2. Darnpen a ciean cloth with mineral spirits UT equivalent solvent.


Wipe the cloth nver the. mast section-5. removing an},f din.

4. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

5. Make the antenna go up and down by turning the radio nr ignition aft" and on.

6. Repeat if necessary.


Don‘t Iu hrieate the puwer antenna. Luhrieatlnn could damage it.



Before entering an automatic car wash, turn nfi yen]- radin to make the power antenna gn dawn. Thls will prevent the mast from {manila}r getting damaged. 1f the antenna does not go down when you turn the radio off, it ma}r he damaged er

need to be cleaned. In either ease. lower the antenna by hand by carefully pressing the antenna dawn.

If the mnat Imrtinn ul'j'nnr antenna is managed. you can easily replace it. See your dealer for a replacement kit and fnlimv Ihe instructions in the kit.

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