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When the DRL are on. only your low—heem headlamps will he on. The teillum p5. yidemarl-ter and other Ittrnpo won't be on. Your instrument panel won‘t be lit

up either.

When it‘s dart: enough outxitle. your low-beam headlamps will change to full brightness. The other lumps that Cttme on with your headlamps will also come on.

When. it's hright enough outside, the regular lamps will go MT and your low4heutn Iteadlttmps change to the reduced hrightneas of URL.

To idle your vehicle with the DRL o IT, sun the parking hruhe while the ignition is in OFF or LOCK. Then xturl your vehicle. The URL will stay oil" until you release the parking brake.

As with any vehielev you should turn on the regular headlamp system when you need it.

Interior Lamps

Instrument Panel Brightness Control

You can hrighten or dim the instrument panel lights by moving the PANEL LAMPS dial. If you turn the dial pest HI. your courtesy or interior lampr- will come on.

Colt deity Lamps

When any door is opened. several lumps eome on. These lump; tu'e courtefiy lumps. They make it easy for you to enter and let-lye your yehiele. You can also turn lherte litmpx on by moving the PANEL LAMPS dial it“ the way up post HE.

Some of the lamps have switches so you can turn them on, even when the doors on: closed. These lamps are reading lamps. To avoid dmining your battery. he me: lo turn ol'j‘ alt mtttfing lumps when leaving your yehiele.

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