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He may snow or ice can overlain] your wipers. A circuit brnakcr win sump Ihcm until the molar L'uuls. Clear away snow or ice to prawn: an overload.

Far ini‘unnaliun lnun replacemtnl blade lype and length1 51:1: “Capacities and Specificuiiunq” in the index.

In freezing weathrr‘ dun‘l use your washer until

Ihe windshield is warmed. Otherwise the washer Windshield Washer fluid can form ice {in the windshield. hlncking

. . . 'Dur Imain“. At the lnp nf the Inuilll’uncuon lever. then: s a paddle 3

wilh III: word PUSH m: 11.11) spray war-char fluid on 1hr: windshield. push 1hr: paddle. The wipcm 1will ml]. for several sweeps and then e'uiicr smp ur return In your preset .spuud.

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