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Parking Brake

Tn 5:1 mu: parking hraku. llllill li1c1'ugiilar hl'akc pudal dawn wilh ynur righl I'im'l. leh down llm parking; hi'ala: pudal Will! f-uul' lut': rim-I.

'I'n ruluahu llw parking brake. I'm-id ll'lL' regular hrakL' pudal drawn wilh yuur right Fruit and [mull the parking hmku: purlal with your Iran fowl. Wham full Iifi 3-0qu It'll I'nuL the parking brake pedal will r‘ulluu. i1 [(1 th‘ i'L‘Icahmi pox-alto”.



Driving In‘ilh the parking: brake on can cause

yuur rear hrakux ta m'rrheat. 1|J'I'I-u may haw tn replace [ht-m. and film could aim damage ulher parts. uf yuur vehicle.

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