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Make sure 1he shift lever ix I'ully into PARK iPJ

re age heiiire Moi-ling die engine. Your Buick hax .1 hralae-transaxle Shiii inlerloek. You room fully apply your regular brakes before you can shift from PARK iP] when the ignition ii; in RUN. ll'yuu eunnLil shift out or PAR K (Pi. ease pressure on [he shill lever by pushing it all the way into PARK (Pi while keeping [he brake pedal pushed down. Helen»;- the shift lever button if you have :i eonmle shi I'I. Then min-'1: the shil'i lever out [if

PARK tF']. being sure to prefix; the xhil'l lever buLLuu il‘ you have n commie ahiti. i-iee“Sl1iftin1_I Clui of

PARK W)" in the index.

REVERSE lRl: Line. Ihis gear to heel: up.

Shifting lo REVERSE [RI while your yehiele is

moving forward could damage your trnnsaxle. Shift to REVERSE 1R: only after your vehicle is stopped.

'l‘o rock yeur vehicle heel; and innh to gel nul ui' Hnuw. we or mold without damaging ynur triinsalxle. see “Stuck: in Sand. Mud, lee nr Snow" in the Index.

NEUI'Ri-Ui 1N): In Ihih pnniliun. your engine

doesn‘t conneei wilh 1he wheels. To re'iturl when you're already moving. use NEUTRAL {N i only. Also. use NELI’I‘RAL 1N1 when your vehicle is being Unwed.

Shifting out of PARK [Pl or NEL'TRA L [NI while your engine is ”re ting“ {running 31 high speed}

is dun eel-nus. Unless your fuel is firmly on llie hra ke pedal. your vehicle muld move very rapidly. You could lose ronlrol and hit people or objects. Don't shil't out at PARK {P1 or NEUTRAL {Ni while your engine is raeing.

Damage to your iro nsaxle caused by shifling out of PARK {P} or NEUTRAL {N} with the engine racing isn’t covered by your warranty.


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