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Starting 1ir'our Engine Move your shil'l luvcr In PARK {Pi nr NEUTRAL (N1. Yourcnginu won'l shut in any other poxilinn -- lhat‘s :1

safety feature. To mum-l when ynu'n: ulIL‘fldj’ milking. urn: NEU'I'RPxL [Ni only.


Don’t try to shift to PARK «IF! it‘ your fluid: is moving. If you do. you would damage the transaxle. sum to PARK (F: only when your vehicle is stop pni.


Hurting Your 3.! Liter Engine

] . Without puxhjng [hi5 acculL'mtor pedal. turn your ignition Fwy lo START. When lhu tnginc 5111115. let go of ”1:: key. Thu idii: \DCL‘Li. will go down as your engine gets warm.


Holding your key in STA RT for longer than

15 semnds at a time will cause your butt: ry to he drained much sooner. And the excessive heat can damage your starter motor.

ll' your origin: Won't man (or starts lull the-n fitops |-. it could he t'lrmtlud with Inn much gumtinc. 'I'ry pushing your accelerator pedal all Ihr: may to ”In: “our und holding it more as you hold the key in START I'n-r up 11: I5 SL‘L'UHLih. Thus L'iCUJ'h' the euro guwline from Ihe angina.

Your engine is designer] to Hurt-L with the olortronits in your vehicle. If you add electrical parts or measuring-i, you could ch31 ngt- [ht- way

[In- uugine ope rates. lie-fort- adding electrical equipment. check with your dealer. ”you don‘t. your engine might not perform properly.

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