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Roadside Assistance

Buiels Mtnnr Dis-'isinn is prnud tti trl'i'er Buick Premium Roadside Assistance In eustnmers t'tir vehicles revered under the .iu Inunthflhflflfl1ni]e{fil1fl{}t} km] new ear we LTBI'H}! {whichever nceurs first}.


{Jur eennnilment lt'i Buick uwners has always included superiur service Ihrdugti our netwurlt nl sum Buick dealers. Butek Premium Rtiudside .I'tssis'lanee presides tut extra measure nt'eunx-enienee and seeurily.

Buiek Premium Rutttlsitle Assistanee:

Prm'itJeL. Ins-Tiers willt ueeess [u ITIinLH' repairs or tnwing fur disabletl vehicles.

'I'nl-tes the anxiety out 01" uncertain situations by presiding eusy ut‘eess to service [irtri'essitinuls [ruined in wet}; with Buick owners. 24 hours :1 day. Stifi days u year. including weekends and holidays.

Fur detuils tin Buick Premium Roadside Assistnnee. please consult yuur Buielt Premium Rtuidsitie Assistance uwner hunklet include-1! with your owner's manual. Fur needed assislanee. call Itie Buick Premium Roadside Assistance toll-free ltutltue: l film-2534 112.

Canadian Roadside Assistance

Vehicles purchased in Canada have an extensive Rnat‘tside Assistance prngrani accessible from anywhere in Canada or the United States. Please refer tn the separate hmcliure provider] by the dealer or cell

I-til'lfl- Emil—BEBE! fnr emergency services.

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