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Part D: Recommended Fluids and Lubricants

NOTE: Fluids and Minimum idcnlilicd bciow by name. part number or Specificatinn may in: nhlninL-d limit your


Engine Oil Engine oil with the Amaricun Pairnlcnm Institute Canified For Gasoline Engines». “‘Stmburnt" say mbol of [he pmper vismsily. Tu dntnnnjnt‘: the prei'crrtd t-iscusity for your vehicle's Engine. 2.4:: “Engine Oil" in the Index.

Enginc leant 50.60 mixture nf wuicr (preferably distilled! and GM Uilildwrfinflhm DEX-COOL "' or Hnt’olinee' DEX-COOL '“ [nrnnge- union: d. silicaln-I'rccj antifreeze cnnl'nrming to GM Spacificutimi fiZTTM. Sc: “Enginv: {'uulnni" ill the Index.




Supplement Sealer

Hydraulic Brake System

Power Stccring System

Autnmntic TF‘dl‘lSuitli:

K6 3' incl»; C‘ylinderu


GM PM No. 3634-62I or :quivulum h—ifl'l n complete fltuh nnd refill.

Delcu Supreme | 13"” Brake Fluid (GM Part No. lii5’2535 or equivalent DDT—3 brake t'iUIdi.

GM Power Steering Fluid {GM Pun Nu. WEEK-l - 1 pt.. Infilifll? - l ql_,nr cquii'nlenli.

nExnnN’i-m .I‘wmrnnlii: Tramminniun Fluid.

Multi—Pu 15L: Lubricant. Supurluim" ' [GM Pill“! Nit. ill-HEM {1r cquit‘ulultl].

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