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Short Triprity Maintenanee Schedule

45,000 Miles (75 000 km)

El Change engine Gil and filter [or every 3 months. whichever occurs first}. An Emirdrl'rm (Tammi St’fl’ll‘f.

[I Inspect air cleaner filter if you are driving in dusty eendilions. Replace filler if

necessary. AH Emr'nr'nn L'mn‘ml 5mm. '1'

ACTUAL MILEAGE senween 1w:


48,000 Miles (80 000 km)

El Change engine oil and filter (nr every 3 Inenths. whichever neeurs first]. Em Emr'.\'.rr'u.lr Curarml Sen-fee.

|:| Lubricate steering halljnims {or every IS rnunlhe. whichever {JCCLII‘S first].


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