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Maintenance Schedule

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Fellow this maintenance schedule only if none of the cendiiiens Freum the Shfll‘l Tripiflily Maintenance Schedule is true.

flriw'ng a veilicfe WM: :1 fiIHII' warmed engine under highway candiriam cause-5 engine m! In break down .ii'nwer,

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Every 7".500 Miles {12 500 km}: Engine Eli] and Filler Change (or every 12 months. whichever occurs firm. Chassis Luhriculicn inr every I? munihs, whichever rrccurs first].

At 7,500 Miles (12 Siili km} - Then Every 15,000 Miles i 15 0th] km]: The Relation.

Every 30,000 Miles {50 000 km}: Air Cleaner Filler Replacemenl. Fue] Tank, Cap and Lines Inspection.

Every 50,000 Miles [33 000 kml: Aulcmelic Trmmaxle Service {severe cnndilirmx unly 5.

Every 60,0ili Miles {100 000 km}: Engine Accessory Drive Belt Inspectinn.

Every 100,000 Miles {166 000 inn :1 (fueling System Service lur every 60 months. whichever occun first). Spark Plug Win: Inspection. Spark Plug Replacemenr

There Frirenvlhr uniy Hemmer-kc maimennnce .rer'w'ces.

3y wry .I'ufnflnu' {he r'mnpieie maintenance schedule rm

riwfm'e'rm-ine were.

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