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Part A: Scheduled Maintenance Services

Using Your Maintenance Schedule

We at General Montre- want to help you keep your VL'hlL‘Itf in good working condition. But we don't ltnonr exactly how you‘ll tiri'e'fl' it. You may drive Very Hhol‘t dihlnnccr-i only a Few times a week. Or you may drive long distances all the time in very hot. dusty weather. You

may Ufit‘: your Vehicle in making dcliveficn. Uryu-u may drive it to work. to do errands or in many other ways.

Because oh“ the different ways people use their GM t-‘ehicicu. maintcnunce needs vary. You may ct—‘cn need Tnnrc frequent checks and replacentenlu than you‘ll find in the schedules in this section. So please read this section and note how you drive. ll' you have any quefliona on how to keep your vehicle in good condition. F-EE your Buick dealer.

This part tells: you the maintenance services; you should have done and when you should schedule mom. ll‘you go to your dealer for your are nice needs-t. you‘ll know that lfillet—trained and supported service people will perform the work using genuine GM parts.

Tl'u: proper Fluids-i and inhricaan' in use are Hated in

Part D. Make sure whoever services your vehicle uses met-HS. All [am should he replaced and all amen-my rapture done before you or anyone else tlrl yea the vehicle.

These schedules are for vehicles that:

0 carry pauaengera and cargo within recommended illTIlIl-i. You will find these litnioi on your vehicle'a Tireinading Information label. See “Loading Your Vehicle" in the Index.

0 are chit-en on rCflHIl'll'lllhlf.‘ road surface: within legal driving limits.

I use the recommended E'uel. See "Fuel“ in the Index. Selecting the Right Schedule

Firxt you'll need to decide which til the two Hchcduleu is; right for your 1uehicle. Here‘s how to decide which schedule to follow:


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