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I'lrnrt't use any nl'lhese unless this manual says yu-L: can. In many uses. these will damage your vehicle:

I Alcnlttsl

I Laundry Snap

0 Bleach

O Redttei ng Agenta

Cleaning the Inside al‘ Year fluiek

Use a vacuum cleaner often to gm rid oldest and leme Lill'l. Wipe Vinyl UI' lealhet with a clean. damp elulh.

Year Buick dealer ham twn GM cleaners. a Hnlvenl—type spat lifter and a [ham-type pnwdered cleaner. They will clean nerrnal meta and mains- very well. Du nut Lil-it: them an vinyl ur leather.

Here an: mane cleaning lips:

I Always read the inatruelinna‘ tin the Cleaner label.

I Clean up stains-i aa- Sfltin as ytia ean —— hel'tire they set.

I Lee a clean elulh er strange. and change tn a clean area ai'ten. A suft hmah may he used if stain}: are aluhhem.

I L'su: Solvent—tyne cleaners in a wen-ventilated area only. ll'yuu use1hem. dnn'i saturate the stained area.

0 Il'a ring t'trrrns al'ter Hpflt Cleaning. Clean the entire area irnrmzdiatel}r or it will 521.

Using Funm~Tgrpu Cleaner Inn Fahrit‘ I Vacuum and hruah the area It: remtwe any lease tlirl.

I Always: clean a wltele trim panel at seetinn. Mask xamlunding lrin: along alileh (1r welt lines.

0 Mix Multi—l’url'lnm: th-‘tlered Cleaner l'nlluwirtg the directions en the ennlainer label.

Use suds unly anti apply with a clean apenge. Dun‘t aalarate are material.

Dun'l rah it maghly.

A5 men as ynu' Ir'e cleaned the section. use a sponge te retrieve the suds.

Rinse the Section with a clean. wet sponge.

Wipe ell— What't- left with a hligl‘llly damp paper lewd or elnth.

t Then dry it immediately with a hinw dryer.

0 Wipe with a clean cloth.


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