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l'sed Helium-men: Wheels


'[he “may, what] can elm muse prnhlem with Waring life. brake mlinn. .‘irIL-edtllmterftidumeler ealihratien. headlamp aim. bumper height. vehicle gmund Clea rant:- and live (If lire chain clearance to the held}! and chasiis.

Putting u used wheel on your vehicle is dangemns. ‘t’en can‘t know how it‘s been used nr

how many miles it‘s helm driven. ll wuld l'ail suddenly and cause an accidenl. H.’ yuu have [0 replace :1 wheel. Use a new [fl] erizinal

5:1: "(hanging .1 HM 'l'lte” in the Index for mare equipmeni wheel.

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