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Imminal rim diameters 01' it] It} ll inches: t25 In 3D emt. tn to some lintited—pt‘nduetinn tires.

While the tires available en General Meters passenger cars and light trucks may vary with respect tn these grades. they must alse ctntt‘erm to Federtt] safety requirements and additional General Mute-rs Tire Performance Criteria tTPC‘J standards.

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The heads-veer grade is tt cum purull't't’: rating based on the wear rate of the the when tettted under controlled eenditiuns en a specified government test course. For example. a tire graded limit would wear ene ttnd tt half

ll ”2! times its well en the gutternment etturee us a tire graded ml]. The relative performance of tires depends upen the ttetual enntlitiuns ttl' their use. however. and may depart significantly them the nntnt due tn s-itriatinns in driving habits. sentiee practices and dit‘fere races: in mud characteristics and L‘ill'l'illtE.

'l'rttL‘IitIII - fit. 11:. t‘

The lrttelictn gr'edefit I'rnrn highest in interest. are A- B. und C. and dtey represent the tires ahi lily tu step on wet pavement as measured under enntntlled eunditinns nn specified government lest surl‘uees 0r tts‘pilult and ctatcrete. .i't tire merited C may httt'e [mnr lt'ttL‘litm perferrnnnee.

Warning: The treetittn grade assigned to this tire is based un braking tstreighttdtead] tt'uettun tests and tines nnt inelude cornering:T llurnit'tg] lruL‘litiII.

Temperature - L H. l'

The temperature grades are A td1e higliettl]. B. and C. representing the tire's resistance In the generittinn ul' heat and its ability ltJ dissipate heat when tested under euntrullcd eunditinns en ti speei tied indnu r Iuhttruttt-ry test whee]. Sustained high temperature can cause the material tti' lhe tire In degenerate and reduce tire life. and. excessive temperature can lead tu sudden the i'ailure. The grade C unnesprtnels tn .1 level nl' peri‘tirntnttet: which all passenger car tires must meet ttntier the Federal Meter Vehicle Safety Standard Nu. It'iLJ. Grades B and A represent higher [ends of performance on the iahtirattiry test wheel than the minimum required by Ian.

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