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lnl'laiiun - Tire I’rEsL-iurre

Thu 'l'iI'Lt-lJJunlJlng InItI-I'II'IulLun lui'lcl which i!- llir-idL‘ the

. Endurinfiaiud tires mm.- the Hume flung“. :L.‘ trunk lid Hl'IILW-h' It“: correct infiuliun pruswumfi Fur y'mlr overloaded lines. The rut-culling actidt-nl cuuld cause seriuLL-L injury. Check all fires frequunlly In mainlain lIlE rrctlnlmunded pressure. The pressure slmuld he rhea-km] when your tires an: cold.

[ll-o. when IhL‘} 'n: L‘[1l[l_ “Cu-Id" mtunh yuur TL'lIlL'lC has been sitting I'nr at luau lllrue hnm's nr driven no more: than .'I milu.


Dun'l let anyunu lull j-uu that undtrinflmiun or nwrinflatiun is“ all righl. 11‘: not. "war tires dun‘t have mnugh uir lundcrinfiutiun I. ynu can gel the I'ulluwing:

Uverinl‘lallfli tires an: mura- likeiy tn he L'ul. punctured ur imalum by a sudden impaui -- such as when you hit 5| pmhnlc. Keep iircs 31 [he recummundcd [II-955mm. Warn. uld [in-.5 can value :EII'JIE'iI'JEnLH. [I'ynur' [read is hudly wu rn‘ ur if ynur tin-5 hat a hum damaged. replace th um.

'l'uu much flexing 'l'uu nmvh hunt Tin: mrrluatfing Bud wear

Bad handling

Had I'Llel Ettmumy.

NU'I‘ICE: [Cumin null

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