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Ilnw to Add Fluid

Refer 11.1 the Maintenance Schedule to delerrnine 1.1111111 I-tind til' lranRiIKlt: lluitl L11- use. See "Recommended Fluids 11nd Lubricants” in the Index.

It‘ the fluid level is lew.1ttld only.r enough et' the proper fluid [11 bring the level iltln the L‘i'Ul-ifi‘hlflfhfid area 1111 the tilpfilltili.

], Pull out 1I1e dipstick.

2. Lifting :1 lung—neck Funnel. 111.11] enflugh fluid :11 the dipstick little to bring it to the prnper level. It dues-1ft take much Fluid. generally less ll't1n 11 pinl if]. 5 L]. Don't 111-11151? We recommend yen use enl} l'luid labeled DL'XRDN “Hi-.1” because fluid with that label is made especially for your automatic truesa 1111':

Dumuge mused by Fluid other man DEXRUNfl' -l|l is net 121-1111:er h}- 3111ur new vehicle warranty.

' Alter adding l'luit],rL'1.'h1:1:lt. the fluid level 1th 11:: 111:11 heel under “How Lethe-11k.“

I When the 1:1;1rrect Fluid level i1-1 11htair11t1'l. push the dipslielt back in all the way.


Engine Cquant

Th1: eeeling system in your vehicle i-t filled with new.r DEX-COOL” inrunge—etilnrmi. silicateal‘ree: engine euelant. This coolant '111 deeigned tn remain in weer vehicle for 5 311111.111. 01' lflflflflfl miles I lfifi ODD km l,

whichever nee-.1111 first.

The lellewing explains yew emling nytem and how to add euelunt when it is law. [’1' you have :1 problem with engine overheating ut- iI' 311m need 111 111311 enelunt 111 your rudimenwee . wee”Engine Owerheuting‘ in the Index.

A 51151] mixtun: ut water illld the proper enelum ter ynur Buick will:

I Give freezing protection dewn 11:- -34°F t-JT‘C]. l Give boiling pmtectitm up 111 2E15°F {129°C}.

ll Preteet againel rust and eerresinn.

I Help keep L111: proper engine temperature.


Le1 the warning lights 11nd gages werk 111; the).r shtlulti.

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